Alcyon Film
If you are looking for a job, are an actor,
want to submit us a script or a film project...

We hope the following information can prevent the sending of unwanted mails. Please avoid sending us emails containing attachments with heavy files, such as uncompressed photos, graphics, etc. Thank you.

Before you contact us, please read the following notice:

- We are not looking for employees nor technicians, musicians or any other collaborators.

- We are not looking for stagiaires (even if you work for free).

- We are not looking for actors or extras (figuration). If you want to submit your photos and profile as an actor or as an extra, please contact casting directors or an agency.

- Since we only produce our own projects or those of our clients, we are not looking to produce or co-produce films from other directors, writers or filmmakers (unless you have already a budget and want to engage us). Please don't send us scenarios, novels or proposals for projects without prior agreement.

However, if you have a budget and looking for:

- Video and audio equipment to rent (only renting! we don't do sales - except some second hand equipment).
- Non-linear editing studios.
- A private screening room.
- A film or a video to be produced, directed or written.
- A director, a crew, an editor or any technician.
- Technical assistance.
- Training(s) in the Apple Final Cut Studio applications or in any audiovisual-related domain.
- An authering of a DVD.

We will be happy to offer you our experience and services.

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